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    Margaret M. Storey
    The significance of Alabama Unionists during the Civil War and Reconstruction has long been a subject...
    Jeffrey A. Stratford
    Alabama Coastal Birding Trail
    Every autumn, millions of birds leave North America and cross the Gulf of Mexico to spend the winter...
    Alesia K. Stuart
    Reid State Technical College
    Reid State Technical College, located in Evergreen, Conecuh County, was created by the Alabama State...
    Steve Suitts
    Hugo L. Black
    Hugo Black (1886-1971) served in the U.S. Senate and on the U.S. Supreme Court for 34 years. He was America's...
    Donnie Summerlin
    Samuel Younge Jr.
    Tuskegee Institute student Samuel Younge Jr. (1944-1966) was the first black college student to be killed...
    James L. Sumner
    Alabama Ethics Commission
    The Alabama Ethics Commission, established by the legislature in 1973, is the state agency responsible...
    Sandra Herrin Swindall
    Adelaide Mahan
    Adelaide Eleanor Mahan (1872-1959) was a multi-talented artist who worked in a variety of media, although...
    Marcia G. Synnott
    Julia S. Tutwiler
    Julia Strudwick Tutwiler (1841-1916) was an educator, prison reformer, and writer and an outspoken proponent...
    Michael Sznajderman
    Lewis Smith Dam and Lake
    Lewis Smith Lake was created in 1961 by the Alabama Power Company as a result of the company's construction...