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    Elizabeth Motherwell
    Samuel Mockbee
    Auburn University (AU) architect and professor Samuel Mockbee (1944-2001) was the driving force behind...
    Gary R. Mullen
    Philip Henry Gosse
    Philip Henry Gosse (1810-1888) was an English-born zoologist, naturalist, and scientific illustrator....
    Jim Murphy
    Poets Laureate of Alabama
    Ten talented writers have served as Alabama's poet laureate since the early 1930s. Nominated by...
    Jennifer M. Murray
    Battle of Mobile Bay
    The Battle of Mobile Bay, which took place in August 1864, was the last major naval engagement of the...
    Richmond Pearson Hobson
    Greensboro, Hale County, native Richmond Pearson Hobson (1870-1937) was a graduate of the United States...
    Beth Taylor Muskat
    Black Militias in Alabama
    After the Civil War, southern states slowly began to rebuild their state militias. Among these new militia...