"Railroad Bill" Lyrics: 

A version of the folk song "Railroad Bill" from Alan Lomax's The Folk Songs of North America.

Railroad Bill, Railroad Bill,                                                    He never worked and he never will,
CHORUS:                                                                            They lookin' for that bad Railroad Bill,                                    or                                                                                         O ride, ride, ride
Railroad Bill was a mighty bad man,                                 Shot the light out the brakeman's hand.       (Chorus)
Railroad Bill cut a mighty dash,                                        Shot MacMillan by a lightnin' flash.       (Chorus)
Mrs. MacMillan she whooped and squawled,                 'That's my husband, for I heard him fall.'       (Chorus)
I went down on No. 1,                                                 Railroad Bill had just begun.       (Chorus)
I come back on No. 2,                                                 Railroad Bill had just got through.       (Chorus)
An' just as I caught ol' No. 4,                                 Somebody let fly with a 44.       (Chorus)
I come back on No. 5,                                                     Gonna git him dead or alive.       (Chorus)
Railroad Bill was a mighty sport,                                     Shot all the buttons off the sheriff's coat.       (Chorus)
Railroad Bill, goin' down the hill,                                 Lightin' cigars with a five-dollar bill.                                 CHORUS:                                                                         Ride on, Railroad Bill.
Railroad Bill say, before he died,                                         He would build a railroad for the bums to ride.         CHORUS:                                                                         Ride on, Railroad Bill

Published August 7, 2007
Last updated August 7, 2007