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  • Cynthia A. McCall
    Horses in Alabama

    Horses were an essential part of the early settlement of Alabama, providing labor, transportation, and...
  • Mary Jane McDaniel
    Samuel B. Moore (1831)

    Samuel B. Moore (1789-1846) served as Alabama governor from March to November 1831 and presided over...
  • Mary Jane McDaniel
    Arthur P. Bagby (1837-41)

    Arthur P. Bagby (1794-1858) was Alabama's governor from 1837-41. A lawyer and powerful state legislator,...
  • Mary Jane McDaniel
    Hugh McVay (1837)

    In the summer of 1837, Hugh McVay (1766-1851) began his brief career as governor by a one-vote stroke...
  • Mary Jane McDaniel
    Edward A. O'Neal (1882-86)

    Edward Asbury O'Neal (1818-1890) continued the line of pro-secession, faithful Confederate, Bourbon...
  • Ian McDowell
    Alabama Cavefish

    The Alabama cavefish ( Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni ) is an extremely rare and critically endangered species of fish ...
  • Ian McDowell
    Broad-Headed Skink

    The broad-headed skink ( Plestiodon laticeps ) is the largest lizard of the family Scincidae ...
  • Ian McDowell
    Caitlin R. Kiernan

    Caitlin Rebekah Kiernan (1965- ) is an author and paleontologist best known for writing dark fantasy and science fiction novels ...
  • Ian McDowell
    Incident at Looney's Tavern

    The Incident at Looney's Tavern is a fact-based musical drama about events in Winston County following the 1861 Alabama Secession Convention in Montgomery.
  • Ian McDowell
    Green Anole

    The Carolina, or green, anole (Anolis carolinensis) is one of the most frequently seen reptiles ...