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  • Caroline Greer
    Fayette Art Museum and Civic Center

    The Fayette Art Museum and Civic Center is a local community event center located in Fayette,…
  • Caroline Greer
    George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum

    The George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum is a history museum and science exploration …
  • Caroline Greer
    Spence-Moon House

    The Spence-Moon House is a historic residence and landmark in Livingston, Sumter County. It was …
  • Amelia Grider
    Clapper Rail

    The clapper rail ( Rallus crepitans ) is a medium-sized marsh bird, roughly the same size as a chicken …
  • Dorothy Grimes
    Frances Nimmo Greene

    Frances Nimmo Greene (1867-1937) was widely known during the early part of the twentieth century as a...
  • Gerard Gryski
    U.S. District Courts in Alabama

    In Alabama, three federal court districts form a subset of the federal court system headed by the U.S....
  • Kendall Gunter
    Walter W. Flowers Jr.

    Walter William Flowers Jr. (1933-1984), an attorney and conservative Democrat, served five consecutive...
  • Catherine Kim Gyllerstrom
    Turpentine Industry in Alabama

    The longleaf pine forests that once covered much of Alabama provided ample resources for the establishment...