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  • Caitlyn Schoenig
    Bruce Larsen

    Bruce Larsen (1959- ) is a sculptor and special-effects artist known internationally for what has been called …
  • Alfred Schotz
    Plant Communities of Alabama

    Alabama is home to a remarkable diversity of natural environments, extending from the sun-drenched shores...
  • David R. Schwimmer
    Cretaceous Period in Alabama

    The Cretaceous Period, which dates to between 145 to 66 million years ago, is the last geological time...
  • David R. Schwimmer
    Cambrian Period

    The Cambrian Period (~541 to 485 million years ago) was a pivotal time in the history of life on Earth.
  • David R. Schwimmer

    Lophorhothon is among the family of dinosaurs known as hadrosaurs, or duck-billed dinosaurs. They inhabited ...
  • Kayla Scott
    Francis William Kellogg

    Francis William Kellogg (1810-1879) served as a U.S. representative for Alabama's First Congressional District, a federal tax …
  • Kayla C. Scott
    Florence Synodical Female College

    The Florence Synodical Female College was established in Florence, Lauderdale County, to provide…
  • Kayla Scott
    Alexander Donelson Coffee

    Alexander Donelson (A. D.) Coffee was a Florence businessman, planter, and Confederate veteran of the...
  • Kayla C. Scott
    Courtview and the Foster Family

    George Washington Foster (1806-1878) was a wealthy industrialist, planter, and philanthropist in Florence, …
  • Kayla C. Scott
    Joseph Humphrey Sloss

    Joseph Humphrey Sloss (1826-1911) served two terms in the U.S. Congress, representing Alabama's Sixth …