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  • Michael W. Fitzgerald
    Robert Burns Lindsay (1870-72)

    Robert Lindsay (1824-1902) faced unprecedented difficulties as the first Democratic governor of Alabama...
  • Michael W. Fitzgerald
    Presidential Reconstruction in Alabama

    Presidential Reconstruction is the general term for the political and societal changes that began taking...
  • Michael W. Fitzgerald
    Reconstruction in Alabama

    Reconstruction is the general term for the process of political and social realignments and readjustments...
  • Michael W. Fitzgerald
    Union League of Alabama

    The Union League, or Loyal League, was founded to promote the northern cause and the Republicans during...
  • Michael W. Fitzgerald
    Congressional Reconstruction in Alabama

    Congressional Reconstruction was the period after the Civil War in which the federal government enacted...
  • Michael W. Fitzgerald
    Wager T. Swayne

    General Wager T. Swayne (1834-1902), often referred to as Alabama's military governor, never formally...
  • Kathy Flanders
    Imported Fire Ants

    The distinctive earthen mounds that mark the nests of imported fire ants are a fixture in the Alabama...
  • Michael A. Flannery
    Charles T. Mohr

    Charles T. Mohr (1824-1901) was a chemist, pharmacist, pharmaceutical manufacturer, botanist, and geologist...
  • Michael A. Flannery
    Luther Terry

    Luther Terry (1911-1985) served as United States Surgeon General in the 1960s. He led a successful public...
  • J. Wayne Flynt
    Go Set A Watchman

    The book Go Set A Watchman is the second published novel by renowned Alabama author Nelle Harper Lee.