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  • Sharon Deck
    Marie Layet Sheip (Marie Stanley)

    Marie Layet Sheip (1885-1936), a native of Mobile, is remembered for a single work, the novel Gulf Stream ...
  • Jennifer Deermer

    Located in Huntsville, Madison County, Sci-Quest is a hands-on science center that offers visitors more...
  • Norman C. Delaney
    Raphael Semmes

    Confederate rear admiral and brigadier general Raphael Semmes (1809-1877) left an enduring legacy as...
  • Andrew Denson
    John Ross

    John Ross (1790-1866) was the most important Cherokee political leader of the nineteenth century. He...
  • A. Blake Denton
    First Methodist Church of Union Springs, Alabama v. Haywood Lynn Scott

    First Methodist Church of Union Springs, Alabama, et al v. Haywood Lynn Scott, et al. was a historic civil rights-era case decided by the Alabama Supreme Court.
  • Brett J. Derbes
    Tom Bevill

    Tom Donald Fike Bevill (1921-2005) was one of Alabama's longest-serving congressmen (1967-1997), representing...
  • Brett J. Derbes
    Earl Hilliard

    Earl Frederick Hilliard (1942- ) is a lawyer and Democratic politician who served in the Alabama House...
  • Brett J. Derbes
    Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth Allison Roberts (1912-1989) was a Democratic representative to the U.S. Congress from Alabama's...
  • Brett J. Derbes
    George Andrews

    George William Andrews Jr. (1906-1971) was a Democratic representative to Congress from 1944 to 1965,...
  • Brett J. Derbes
    Spencer Bachus

    Spencer Thomas Bachus III (1947- ) is a former Republican Representative to Congress for the Sixth District,...