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  • Claire M. Wilson
    Carbon Hill

    Carbon Hill is located in western Walker County in the northwest corner of the state. It has a mayor/city...
  • Claire M. Wilson
    Camp Hill

    Camp Hill is located in Tallapoosa County in the east-central section of the state. It has a mayor/city...
  • Claire M. Wilson
    Clarence Carter

    Montgomery County native Clarence Carter (1936- ) has released 37 albums and topped the charts with numerous songs.
  • Claire Wilson
    Fred Thompson

    Colbert County native Fred Thompson (1942-2015) is well known for his acting career, appearing on the long-running …
  • Claire M. Wilson
    Pat Buttram

    Pat Buttram (1915-1994) is one of Alabama's most recognized actors. He is best known for his roles,...
  • Claire M. Wilson
    Dean Jones

    Film and television actor Dean Jones (1931-2015) of Decatur, Morgan County, was one of the signature...
  • Claire M. Wilson
    McCurdy Plantation Horse

    The McCurdy Plantation Horse is a gaited breed of horse developed by the McCurdy family of Lowndes County...
  • Claire M. Wilson
    George Lindsey

    Veteran character actor and north Alabama native George Lindsey (1928-2012) achieved his most lasting...
  • Claire M. Wilson
    Jimmy Wales

    Huntsville native Jimmy Wales (1966- ) is the founder of the Internet Web site Wikipedia, a groundbreaking...
  • Claire M. Wilson

    Gadsden, in the northeastern corner of Alabama, is the county seat of Etowah County. Gadsden is located...