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  • Elena N. Swick
    Pine Barrens Tree Frog

    Pine barrens tree frogs ( Hyla andersonii ) are small arboreal (tree-dwelling) frogs native to the eastern United States.
  • Sandra Herrin Swindall
    Adelaide Mahan

    Adelaide Eleanor Mahan (1872-1959) was a multi-talented artist who worked in a variety of media, although...
  • Marcia G. Synnott
    Julia S. Tutwiler

    Julia Strudwick Tutwiler (1841-1916) was an educator, prison reformer, and writer and an outspoken proponent...
  • Michael Sznajderman
    Lewis Smith Dam and Lake

    Lewis Smith Lake was created in 1961 by the Alabama Power Company as a result of the company's construction...
  • Monica Tapper
    Bossie O'Brien Hundley Baer

    Bossie O'Brien Hundley Baer (1876-1966) was a leader in Alabama's suffrage movement. During the …
  • Monica Tapper
    William H. Pratt

    William Henry Pratt (1811-1883) was a cotton factor, sugar plantation owner, Confederate agent, president of …
  • Monica Tapper
    Mary Munson

  • Monica Tapper
    Elizabeth Moore

    Elizabeth "Bessie" or "Fannie Elizabeth" Moore (1867-1960) was a leader in the Alabama suffrage …
  • Monica Tapper
    Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

    The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is a historic house museum in Mobile, Mobile County, built in the …
  • Monica Tapper
    Bank of Mobile

    On November 20, 1818, just one day before adjourning, the Alabama Territorial Legislature passed …