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  • Caitlin Vest
    Hugh Martin

    Hugh Martin (1914-2011) was an acclaimed composer, lyricist, and playwright whose career spanned the...
  • Caitlin Vest
    Hattie Hooker Wilkins

    Hattie Hooker Wilkins (1875-1949) was the first woman elected to the Alabama State Legislature as a representative....
  • Caitlin Vest
    Howard Hill

    Often referred to as the "World's Greatest Archer," Howard Hill (1899-1975) was an internationally...
  • Carroll Viera
    Eleanor Risley

    In the brief time that she lived in Alabama, Eleanor de la Vergne Doss Risley (1867-1945) produced two...
  • Adriel Vinson
    Children's Museum of the Shoals

    The Children's Museum of the Shoals in Florence, Lauderdale County, aims to improve early-childhood education…
  • Thomas Vocino
    Higher Education Partnership (HEP)

    Like many political interest groups, the Higher Education Partnership (HEP) was founded in response to...
  • Thomas Vocino
    Alabama Education Association (AEA)

    Founded in 1856 in Selma, the Alabama Education Association (AEA) was an organization controlled by local...
  • Thomas Vocino
    A+ Education Partnership

    The A+ Education Partnership (formerly A+ Education Foundation), based in Montgomery, Montgomery County...
  • Jim Volz
    Alabama Shakespeare Festival (ASF)

    The Alabama Shakespeare Festival (ASF) is among the 10 largest Shakespeare festivals in the world and...