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  • Carolyn Green Satterfield
    Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens

    Located in the Birmingham community of Elyton, Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens is a historic house ...
  • Carolyn Green Satterfield
    Hubert Green

    Hubert Green (1946- ) is a well-known golfer from Alabama who won more than 70 amateur and 19 Professional...
  • Fred Sauceman
    Lane Cake

    The Lane cake, one of Alabama's more famous culinary specialties, was created by Emma Rylander Lane...
  • Fred Sauceman
    Barbecue, Alabama Style

    Barbecue is the age-old art and science of slow-cooking meat. It is worshipped in the state of Alabama,...
  • Robert Saunders Jr.
    John Archibald Campbell

    John Archibald Campbell (1811-1889) was one of the more influential members of Alabama society during...
  • Robert Saunders Jr.
    John McKinley

    John McKinley (1780-1852) became the first Alabama resident to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court and is...
  • Robert M. Schaefer
    State Courts of Alabama

    Alabama's judicial branch is a large and important part of state government. It ensures that all...
  • Heather Scheurer
    Stanley Dent

    Stanley Hubert Dent (1869–1938) served six terms as the Democratic representative to the U.S. Congress ...
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Paul Finebaum

    Paul Alan Finebaum (1955- ) is a top-rated sportscaster, sports radio show host, sportswriter, and author who made his name covering college football in Alabama.
  • C. J. Schexnayder
    Cramton Bowl

    The Cramton Bowl is a 21,000-seat stadium located in north-central Montgomery, Montgomery County.